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Oh boy, here we go. Nobody likes to write about themselves, especially not me. It's so tedious trying to find a balance between being modest, but still highlighting all your best features and qualities. But I take great comfort in knowing that almost no one will bother reading this. At least not all of it. So here we go!

Hi! My name is Ingrid Elise, I was born on December 27th in 1994 and grew up in a very, very small town in the middle of Norway. If you can't be bothered to do the math, that means that I am (currently) 21 years old. I am a massive fan of Harry Potter, and according to Pottermore and quite a few other selections of tests and quizzes, I am a Rawenclaw. I love to read books in the form of fiction, there is just something about the way a book can take you away into a foreign land full og magic and adventure, or how it lets you live and love and laugh and cry through the eyes of someone elses experiences.

I am also very interested in Graphic Design, and have been since the day I discovered it, which was probably around the age of 10 (wow! so long ago..). Since then I have spent many (too many) hours teaching myself everything from coding with html and css and all that jazz, to building websites from skratch, and making quite advanced designs in photoshop (if I may say so myself), and also a bit of photography, but I'm afraid I have sort of let that hobbie dust on the shelves for a while now.